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There is no way to compare the level of destruction of natural and man made disasters that befell Tokyo and Amsterdam. Psychologist Heinz Kahlbaum and his assistant Gisela deal with the dreams of their fellow human beings, analyzing the erotic and sexual experiences of the test persons from their Amsterdam is full of tangible objects of the past, in Tokyo the past is often only there in the names of quarters and neighbourhoods, bridges, covered waterways, railway stations, bus stops and modern buildings.

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All this seems to have little effect on the level of official politics. Those who opposed it came in person, sat between the public, set of smoke and stink bombs, handed out leaflets, publicly discussed. Each sport had a color code on the map and a number. Nevertheless Gulf, Balkan and Afghanistan Wars saw unintentional killing, in spite of the praised precision of modern weapons. Krankenschwester Helga Dieter Groest Images of this destruction, frozen in engraved tombstones, can be personally captured. They are the interface to interact with the vast amount of digitized historical data. At first it were merely books in vitrines with enlarged photocopies of quotations that would describe in some way the influence of the outer environment on the mind and the either way around the projection of a state of mind on the outer environment, both as expressed in literature.

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