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One human rights report quotes Chucky as ordering his bodyguards to beat Gono 'till you see his bones and shit'. Even living with the president's son was never extravagant. At one point, according to the indictment, Chucky ordered the execution of a prisoner, but when angeschaltet ATU officer raised his gun, Chucky instructed him to cut off the man's head instead.

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But before long, Chucky was arrested by the authorities and expelled from school, reportedly for possessing drugs and weapons. As a result, both children miss their school field trip and are stuck with the parents. Put in charge of the General Services Agency, Liberia's main procurement office, Taylor ran it as his own private kingdom. Some close to Chucky claim he had little to do with the ATU. But standing in the villa outside Monrovia, brandishing his weapon over his prisoner, he was a long way from home. Enemies were disembowelled, cooked and cannibalised. He began to strongly resemble his father, who was drifting in and out of prisons in Ghana and Sierra Leone, and into Gadaffi's paramilitary training camps in Libya. They soon had a son, Michael, who passed away at seven months, and a daughter, Zoe.

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Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbors in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by life's most defining events. Last November, as he awaited trial, Chucky wrote a letter to his own son. When they arrived, they found Taylor sitting calmly among some of the mothers of his other children. His father was president of the country.

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After Minin's arrest, according to documents seized by the Italian police, Chucky faxed a final message signed 'Charles McArthur Taylor Junior' that read: Soon after Gono's death, Taylor revoked Chucky's command. After all, he was a US citizen. She accepted, but when she landed in Monrovia init was nothing like the fairy tale she'd envisioned. When they arrived, they found Taylor sitting calmly among some of the mothers of his other children. Despite moments of domesticity, Taylor led a separate life outside the home. The two adults project their negative stereotypes of ex-spouses on each other, but end up needing to rely on each other to watch the children as each must save his job.

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By the summer ofa ferocious battle known locally as 'World War Three' engulfed Monrovia. Like the founding fathers of the American Colonization Society, she saw a solution in Africa. Chucky followed him there, and over the next few years his life took a nomadic turn. Chair de poule 2: Chucky's reunion with his father was not always a happy one.


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